Jack Reacher & Temperance Brennan

These two names don’t quite fit together, don’t they? Well, on 6th of June, Lee Child will introduce us to the unusual combo in his new short story “Faking a Murderer”. Looking forward to reading about two of my favorite characters working together to solve a crime.



I decided to stop using Dropbox.

It was this cool thing in the past that does magic but after several years, the cool things wore off. It’s no longer capable of syncing an iPhone while preventing the mac from doing that by itself (a recurring bug). It does some nasty things to Finder. It captures the screenshots and attempts to make you share a dropbox link instead of use the screenshot by itself. These features are creating more problems than they are solving and I’d rather try something else.


I’m having very serious trouble finding accommodation for WordCamp Vienna. It turns out that the WordCamp is the same weekend as the marathon and we should’ve booked months ago. I wish I’d known that earlier.

Edit: I managed to book a new listing (no reviews) after contacting 14 hosts. Got 12 rejections.

How did I live without G

No, not without G Suite, without the uppercase G in vim. It points the cursor at the end of the file. For some odd reason, in the rare cases I would want to go to the end of the file, I would type something like :9999.

G is so much better that I feel empowered ­čÖé

WordCamp Vienna 2017

I’m very happy┬áto announce that my speaker application for WordCamp Vienna has been accepted ­čÖé I’ll be speaking about my experience┬áwith switching from PHP and WordPress to JavaScript and back. I plan to tell a story and share experiences rather than teach. I hope that the talk will be at least a little bit entertaining┬á­čśÇ

Today I Learned

“Ojos que no ven, coraz├│n que no siente” – that’s a Spanish proverb I found on Duolingo. Translates to “Out of sight, out of mind”.

I like how it feels so much warmer in a direct comparison with the English counterpart. It is about heart, not about mind. Think chocolate. Cupcakes. Alcohol. Counter-strike. Robotized vacuum-cleaners. Exes. Around that point, it becomes false. Homesickness. Grief. Missing somebody. Counter-strike.

Out of sight, still in the heart.


Imagine the feeling of an amazing book. A good one. You go to the store, find this new shiny cover, bring it home, open it, inhale the smell of freshly printed paper, spend the whole night on it, close it with happiness. It had new characters, they progressed well, everything was wonderful. You now want more of it.

Now a few days later, or a few years if you’re not lucky, you get the sequel. You go to the store, find this new shiny cover, bring it home, open it – the smell is there, it looks pretty, but your expectations are set high.┬áNo new characters, just this constant sense that thing need to go wrong before coming back to normal. And they go wrong, and you fight to reach the last page.

Then vol. 3. comes.

You go to the store, find the same cover with a different color, bring it home, open it, uhh. The author has discovered the magic of torturing the main character to keep the attention. He also introduced 30 more characters, because the original one is already holding the Sky like Atlas nad no progress is ever possible. Something with the editing has changed too. The first chapter was 400 pages, the 3rd is 700, and many pages do not say anything.

This is what I’m dealing with at this very moment, trying to read Red Rising #3 and Liveship Traders #3.

There is a solution, but it takes mental power. It is a very simple one.

Go to the bookstore, find this new shiny cover, bring it home, open it, inhale the smell of freshly printed paper, spend the whole night on it and close it happiness.