Superhero movies

I’ve been reading /r/comicbooks and found this gem that made me laugh and think

Two superheroes I’ve never heard of happened in a well-known superhero universe and, of course, they saved Earth.

I wonder, what makes people like superheroes so much? Most of them are so overpowered that it takes a major leap of the imagination to find them worthy opponents and make the shows. And why would there be any opponents anyway? The superheroes are so willingly fighting each other that each of these superhero universes (Marvel, DC, etc) should just naturally reduce itself to a state with 1 superhero overlord and no opposition like a natural Squid game.

The supervillains are also way too easy in the sense that the entire evil is focused on one person or a person and their handful of helpers. The modern-day great evil is usually living in the shape of ideas that poison people’s minds. “My country is better than your country, and half of your country used to be part of my country” – as an example, but there have been plenty of variations. Bulgaria on three seas. Кримнаш. There’s no way to personalize the rot when it’s an idea, even if the idea has been spread by carefully organized propaganda. This makes the supervillains and superheroes boring.

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

Victor Hugo

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